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Computer Repair

Virus and Spyware Removal –

  • Eliminate destructive viruses, malware, spyware and adware that can damage your system, corrupt valuable data and spread to other computers. Remove applications that spy on your Internet usage, slow your system down and cause annoying pop-ups. Includes computer optimization. (Includes complimentary and industry standard anti-virus and anti-malware programs).

Re-installation of Operating System -

  • Breathe life into your computer by allowing us to reinstall your Operating System and have it run like new again. (Operating system is provided by computer manufacturer or client, or may be purchased through our company). Includes complimentary anti virus, anti spyware and firewall software.

Computer Cleaning –

  • Computers attract large amounts of dust and dirt which can lead to decreased system performance, overheating and hardware damage. Cleaning is a must and should be preformed at least once every 3 month.

Memory Installation –

  • Computer memory upgrades will make your computer more responsive to your commands. You will notice a significant increase in productivity especially when running multiple programs. This is the #1 recommended upgrade if you are looking to increase the performance of your PC.

Hard Drive Installation –

  • A new hard drive will speed up your system and allow you to store more data on your computer. We also recommend the data migration and backup services with this service. Online backup is also recommended with this service.

CD/DVD/CD-RW/DVD RW/BLU RAY Installations –

  • An optical drive will allow you to create your own CDs/DVDs full of music, pictures, data and more. Upgrading from an older optical drive can drastically reduce the time it takes to create your own CDs/DVDs.

Internal/External Installation –

  • Installation and setup of your video card, sound card, Ethernet card, USB and fire wire cards, modems, printers, scanners, fax, monitors and other peripherals. We ensure that your devices are configured to your specifications.

Data Migration -

  • Move your important data from one computer to another or to a specified device. Data migration involves copying files such as pictures, movies, music, and documents to another hard drive.

Special Rates do apply. Please contact us for details or with inquiries.

DNA Tec Services INC. is not responsible for erased or damaged files due to viruses, Trojan horses, Root Kits, Hi Jackers, etc. Any parts added on are not included in prices above unless listed in description.